Heavily dependent on pedestrian traffic and local customers are physical businesses. Physical businesses need a competitive advantage in a vicious retail world.

Paid search ads can be a great way to boost your sales and offer your advantage. However it is not easy to use them effectively to attract potential clients through their doors after an online visit.

When you can’t count on e-commerce transactions through your platform, you can plan carefully to make sure that your PPC investment is viewed as store sales.

Local PPC for local companies An e-commerce company that can deliver its goods everywhere should feel confident concentrating on the whole of the U.S. using its PPC advertising, or maybe having a foreign marketing campaign. 

A company that depends on the local market cannot do the same; a customer is unlikely to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to your store across the country. One might lose and invest the impact of a national PPC advertising campaign. This could cause a physical store owner to believe it isn’t worth the PPC.