For example: responsive design, loading speed … The user is at the heart of your SEO strategy, but also of your web design and you must take care to follow these trends. Because if our society is evolving at high speed, the digital world is much faster.

But how do you combine web design and SEO for a successful site?

To obtain a successful site, it is necessary to carry out several actions on your web design which Google will appreciate and which, consequently, will improve your SEO.

Focus on responsive design

As smartphone requests have greatly exceeded computer requests, a website must have a responsive design. Indeed, more and more, users prefer to use their smartphone to do research rather than their computer. It’s faster, and above all it’s simpler since the smartphone is close at hand. Consequently, a website must have a design that adapts to both computer and mobile screens. Otherwise, he risks seeing his traffic decrease and his bounce rate increase. Add to that the loss of position in Google searches. These actions will then have very bad consequences on your natural referencing.

Work on your accessibility

Beyond the simple responsive design, the accessibility of your website is a criterion that it is important to think about. It’s about its ability to be accessed by everyone without difficulty. So, is your presentation clear and intuitive? Is important information visible? Or can Internet users quickly find the information they are looking for? A user who arrives at your site and does not find what they are looking for quickly will end up leaving it without taking action, while if they find what they want in the blink of an eye, they will come back.

For this, you must work on a clear and organized implementation. Then think about the location of your information, the formatting of your content … You must plan the journey of your user, who will lead him to the conversion.

But also your visual coherence

With all the tools now available, you can easily get carried away. But take a deep breath and keep in mind that the design of your site must be consistent and harmonious. For this, it must correspond to the values   of your brand and transcribe them. It should not change at all depending on the pages the user visits. Keep in mind that everything you put on your site represents your brand. So stay sober and close to your values rather than putting everything down because “it’s trendy”. Here, you risk losing yourself, but also losing your traffic. However, as said earlier, to put too much, the user will waste time searching and leave your site. Keep in mind that a design faithful to your brand reinforces memorization.

And especially the loading speed

Considered as a positioning criterion by Google, a slow site will appeal neither to the latter nor to your visitors. According to Google, 53% of mobile visitors leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So you understand how essential it is to reduce the loading speed of your website for the sake of your statistics. And this goes through the weight of your images or the AMP format to optimize loading on mobile. In addition, if Google does not like slow sites, it nevertheless rewards fast sites.