Now, SEO, keyword strategy, positioning, visibility, quality content, etc. are no longer words unknown to the battalion. If you are asked to speak SEO, you will be the first to present this area which requires time and patience. Regarding web design, the subject is pretty much the same. Fluid navigation, atmosphere of the site, representation of your brand image and your values   … you know, it must be treated. So, it becomes necessary and natural to say that web design is an area that really affects your SEO and therefore your traffic.

Indeed, imagine that on your website, you focus on its natural referencing, but that its aesthetics are relatively close to what we could see in the 2000s. It is logical that the positioning of the latter is bad. But why ? Because SEO and Web design are not one without the other. Even if the natural referencing of your site is almost perfect, if its aesthetics are in bad taste, the user will leave as quickly as he arrived. And with the latest updates to its algorithm, Google follows the latest trends closely and penalizes sites that don’t.