Analysis of targeted expressions

The analysis of the targeted expressions is also decisive: which expressions to choose, that it competes on these expressions?

The SEO consultant will list a set of potential search expressions , identify for each the data in terms of traffic. Depending on the project he is working on (SEO redesign, SEO optimization or initial creation of the website), he will choose the most relevant expressions, target certain priority expressions, eliminate expressions for which the feasibility is not real. It will also start tolink these expressions to the different pages and sections of the website . It will of course distinguish the main expressions which will be particularly used in the hot areas of pages and content, and the secondary expressions which will be used in content, in a blog part of the website, on images…

Competition analysis

The SEO consultant , on the basis of the expressions he works, will also identify the main competitors and carry out an SEO technical audit of these sites. This analysis will highlight the strengths but also the weaknesses of these sites. A strategy via thus being able to take shape with regard to the results obtained. The competitive SEO analysis will of course influence the personas and expressions targeted.

Mesh analysis, pagerank transmission

This is an important step. The consultant will “lay down” the organization of the website on paper . This organization will take into account personas, search expressions and aims as much to produce optimal ergonomics for the visitor as an optimal organization for SEO . This is where we start talking about silos and we will work on the internal mesh so as to distribute the pagerank as efficiently as possible .