The SEO work of an existing site or a future site requires increasingly sophisticated analyzes of certain technical aspects, certain elements of the website. The SEO consultant must deploy a panoramic vision and take into account a particularly important set of data that he will have to analyze and exploit to aim for the best possible natural referencing. Zoom on this look of the SEO consultant.

SEO analysis of personas

The analysis of personas  consists in identifying the different “typical” visitors that you wish to target. This work is essential because it will allow the SEO consultant to déduir e research intentions of these personas. It also allows the consultant to list the content that will have to be produced to respond to personas. Based on the personas and research intentions, it is the architecture, the organization of the website that begins to take shape. This step, if done right, can be very long and tedious. However, it is one of the keys to the success of your site in terms of natural referencing and conversions.