by removing the sometimes aggressive pop- ups,

not displaying tabs

replacing the drop-down navigation menu with a hamburger.

You understand, minimalism applied to the Web is to force the visitor to focus on the essential:  the content

The Minimalist Web is:

Negative space

By using the empty space, the eye is attracted to the little that remains on the page.

Large image

Some minimal sites offer blank pages with text, others opt to give life to the space with a living photo linked to the service or product.


You will often see black, white and gray, with a bold color.

Bold Typography

With so little on the page, the words become the artistic element. Symmetry / harmony – designers will create balance or symmetry with words and images, or opt for an asymmetrical look to get attention.

Benefits of Minimalist Web Design

First, the goal of companies and other organizations is to provide a website that converts users into customers, or at least hot prospects.

This is one of the reasons why the minimalist design works. Here are the other benefits.

Easy navigation

Because of this, your gaze is drawn to the text, drawn to the calls to action. You are not overwhelmed by the choices. Instead, you just have a few options, making navigation simple.

Faster load times

Studies show that slower load times lead to higher bounce rates, which means that users don’t wait for a site to finish loading. They will go elsewhere.

A better adaptation for browsing on mobile

The rate of use to surf the Web from a mobile is constantly increasing. The minimalist design is particularly well suited for this type of use.

SEO Friendly

The minimalist design makes it easier for search engine robots to explore. There are not many front and back-end elements stored in the code. You can actually boost SEO. (Faster load times are also part of SEO.)

Fewer problems

A less complex site with few applications, plugins and elements is less likely to break.

Style Forever

As web design tastes change, minimalist design shouldn’t look outdated for a while. You don’t use fashionable elements or styles. Instead, you rely on crisp images and the right typography to deliver your message.

Easy recall

A crowded site, full of elements is too complex for your brain to remember, however visitors will remember your minimalist design.