2) A site is a showcase that can be visited 24/7

When a site is well managed and it contains all the information necessary to inform Internet users to enable them to find solutions to their problems, this already ensures a good level of popularity in terms of visits. Who says “visit” implies a potential widening of the clientele and this is only possible thanks to the fact that a site is permanently accessible on the web.

3) Time is no longer a constraint, but an asset in terms of updating and distribution

When a good connection is used to make website updates, it does not take a lot of time and arms to organize everything and make new things appear on your site. In fact, at a time when paper must be saved, the Net solution is therefore a good alternative so as not to waste time and material in order to circulate information, services or to sell products in record time.

4) A site is a tool on which you can display everything

Even if a company specializes in a field, it is often very expensive to make advertising campaigns to make itself known especially if the start-up funds allow only to be able to show a summary version of the objectives of the company on a single type of support. In this, a website brings the solution again , because it is possible to publish texts, videos, images and many other supports on a screen to make all your offers and your projects more attractive.

5) SEO and traffic facilitate an increase in popularity

While before and still today, it is difficult to make yourself known on the market or to create a place among a multitude of competitors, whether in real life or on the Net, only a good web referencing can make the difference, in addition to good traffic. Therefore by being easily located via a search engine (Google, Yahoo …) it is certain to have a higher number of visits to the site, if in addition social networks are also used to increase the popularity of ‘a website.

6) Web visits are more frequent

More and more people are now using the internet on a daily basis to get information, buy online or do all kinds of research. It has therefore become imperative to stand on the web so as not to be put aside by customers, because for a company, this can sound the death knell of an activity to be ignored from the start and as and when His development.

7) A site is proof of notoriety

A company builds its reputation on its reputation. Therefore, it is through it that the public sees it. For this, nothing like a good site to be able to show the world that the company is making progress and other achievements. Indeed, this allows to be more credible and competitive.

8) A website can respond to almost everything

Nothing like a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on a site to allow your customers to orient themselves while giving you time to do other activities in order to improve your business, your goods or your services. With good programming, a site is therefore able to temporarily replace customer service employees if necessary. Unlike a physical company that has opening and closing hours, equipped with automatic response software, a site can even answer users’ questions by being pre-programmed.

9) Without moving to make surveys and polls a site gives you data

Often, the problem of businesses is whether their customers are satisfied or not and it is only with surveys and statistics that one can keep abreast of sales figures and the like. Therefore, to avoid any displacement, the maintenance of a site allows you to perform operations of calculation on the satisfaction of the customers having visited it by counting the number of views, the most frequent purchases or other information qualitative by putting a special “comments” section to collect opinions.

10) Any change does not go unnoticed

Whether you launch on your site or put changing publications online every hour, Internet users will be immediately informed of any changes by following you. A product can be present on your site today, but not the next day, because it will have been very successful with consumers? By sending emails to customers, this helps the site to sell goods and services faster.